User Agreement

User Agreement


Chapter 1. General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the user agreement is to prescribe the basic matters for the terms of use and procedures of the internet service (, hereinafter called ‘Service’) provided by Daesungmoon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called ‘Company’).


Article 2 (Effectiveness of Agreement and Changes)

  • 1This agreement shall be effective by announcing to members via Service or by e-mail or other methods.
  • 2Company may change the contents of this agreement.

Chapter 2 Service Usage Contract

Article 3 (Establishment of Usage Contract)

  • 1By clicking ‘Yes’ on the question of “Do you agree to the above agreement?” it shall be deemed that you have agreed to the terms of use.
  • 2The usage contact shall be established by the intended service user agreeing to the terms of use and Company approving the application.

Article 4 (Usage Application)

All user information entered in the application form should be factual data. Users who failed to use their real name or factual information may not receive legal protection and may be restricted in using Service.


Article 5 (Approval of Usage Application)

  • 1Company shall approve usage application of Service except in the case of subparagraph 2 and 3 for customers who apply for use according to Article 6.
  • 2Company may, in the following cases, postpone approval for applications until the reason for restriction of approval is resolved.
    • When not enough capacity related to Service
    • When there are technical difficulties
    • Other reasons deemed necessary by Company
  • 3Company may not give approval in the following cases.
    • When applying under the name of another person
    • When user information is falsely entered during usage application
    • When applied for with the purpose of interfering with social peace and order or to cause disorder
    • When not satisfying the Company’s usage application eligibility

Article 6 (Change of User Information)

When there are changes to member information, members must edit the information online, and all liabilities for issues resulting from failure to update information shall be borne by the user.


Chapter 3 Duties of Contracting Parties

Article 7 (Duties of Company)

  • 1Company may not disclose or distribute personal information of members acquired through provision of Service to others without prior consent. However, this shall not apply in the following cases.
    • When required by a national agency pursuant to legal regulations such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications
    • For the purpose of criminal investigations or when requested by the Information Communication Ethics Committee
    • When requested according to procedures as prescribed by other relevant laws
  • 2Within the scope of Paragraph 1, Company may draft statistical information for all members or individual members related to operations, and may send computer cookies to members through the Service. In this case, members may refuse reception of cookies or change the computer browser settings to warn against reception of cookies.

Article 8 (Duties of Members)

  • 1Members shall not engage in the following behavior when using Service.
    • Reproduction, change, publication or use in broadcast, etc. of information obtained from Service without prior consent of Company, provision to other persons, or other violations of Company’s copyrights or copyrights of others
    • Distributing information, texts or illustrations that violate public order and good customs to others
    • Behavior objectively judged to be connected to crimes
    • Behavior that violate other laws and regulations
  • 2Members must comply with relevant laws, matters prescribed in this agreement, service usage information, and precautions.
  • 3Members must comply with restrictions announced in Service announcements or other announcements.
  • 4Members may not engage in any and all kinds of profit-seeking activities using Service without prior consent from Company.

Chapter 4. Provision and Use of Service

Article 9 (Transaction with Advertisers)

Company shall not be responsible for any and all damages or losses resulting from members’ participation, interaction or transaction with the sales activities of advertisers through the Service or posted in this Service.


Article 10 (Service Usage Time)

  • 1Except in the case of business or technical issues, or other special reasons, Service shall be available for use 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, when necessary by Company for reasons such as inspection of facilities, or in the event that Service is unavailable due to forces majeure such as facility malfunction or spike in Service usage, all or parts of Service usage may be restricted.
  • 2Company may separately designate service usage time for parts of Service.

Article 11 (Service Restriction and Suspension)

Company may restrict or suspend Service in the event that Service cannot be provided.


Chapter 5 Miscellaneous

Article 12 (Termination of Contract and Usage Restriction)

  • 1In the event that members wish to withdraw from usage contract, the member must apply for withdrawal to Company.
  • 2Company may terminate usage contract without prior notification or suspend usage of Service for a specified period in the event that member engages in any of the following actions.
    • Intentionally disrupting Service operation
    • Intentionally distributing contents that impede upon public order and good customs
    • When the member plans or executes of Service with the intent to impede upon national interests or social interests
    • When defaming or causing disadvantages to others
    • When transmitting large quantities of information with the goal of obstructing stable operation of Service or when transmitting advertisements
    • When distributing computer virus programs that can cause malfunctions to IT facilities or destroy information
    • When violating the intellectual property rights of Company, other members or other non-members
    • When receiving request for corrective action by outside agencies such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee or when receiving an authoritative interpretation by the National Election Commission related to illegal election campaigns
    • When wrongfully using personal information of others
    • When using information acquired by using Company’s Service information for reproduction or distribution, or for commercial use without the prior consent of Company
    • When violating the usage terms and relevant laws prescribed by Company including this agreement

Article 13 (Compensation for Damages)

Company shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by members in relation to Service usage while the Service is offered free of charge.


Article 14 (Exemption Clause)

  • 1Company shall be exempted from liability to provide Service in the event that Service cannot be provided due to special cases, natural disasters or other forces majeure.
  • 2Company shall be exempted from liability in the event that there are malfunctions in Service usage due to reasons attributable to Company.
  • 3Company shall be exempted from liability in the event that members fail to obtain benefits anticipated from the Company’s Service or for damages resulting from selection or use of Service information.

Article 15 (Court of Jurisdiction)

In the event that lawsuits are filed for disputes related to this agreement, the court of jurisdiction shall be the court having jurisdiction over the head office of Company.


[Supplementary Provision]

(Enforcement Date) This agreement shall be effective from February 28, 2019.



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