Video Information Processing Unit Usage & Maintenance Policy

Video Information Processing Unit Usage & Maintenance Policy


Under the Video Information Processing Unit Usage & Maintenance Policy, the Eastwest CO., LTD. (below Hotel) will announce the reasons and usages of the video information in the hotel.


1.Video Information Processing Unit Installation Purpose and Basis for Establishment

According to the Personal Information Protection Act Article 25 Clause 1, the video information processing unit is operated and installed by the following.

  • 1Facility security and fire prevention
  • 2The prevention of crime for customer safety
  • 3Vehicle theft and vandalism protection

2. Installation number, installation position, and shooting range

Installation number Installation position & shooting range
60 Lobby, stores, hallways, underground parking lot
138 5~27 floor corridor

3. Manager and Access Authority

In order to protect your video information and to handle personal video information related complaints, we have a personal video information protection officer as follows.

Name Position Affiliation Phone Number
Park Young Jin General Manager General Manager 051-790-1537
Yoo Jong Ho Management Director Management Support Team 051-790-1511

4. Recording time, storage period, storage place, and processing method of video information

Recording Time Storage Period Storage Place
24 Hours 30 days Emergency Room

5. Conditions related to video information processing unit installment and management: Not applied


6. Conditions related for checking private video information and place

  • 1How to check: Contact the video information chief manager beforehand and visit the hotel.
  • 2Place where to check: Emergency room

7. Actions related to the demand and access of details of video information.

Deletion and confirmation of video information can be demanded to the Video Information Processing Unit Usage operator.
However, requesting private video information for the purposes of imminent life, body, and wealth benefits will be limited.
The Hotel will take Immediate action when requested to view or delete any footage regarding the personal video information policies.


8. Measures ensuring video information security

The video information handled from the Hotel is guarded with a secure password. The Hotel, as the administration of the video information, will provide the personal video information according to the conditions. The Hotel will record the creation date and time, watching purpose, watching people, and watched date and time to prevent any illegal access. In addition, physical security and locks are installed for extra security.


9. Personal information management policy details

The Video Information Processing Unit Usage & Maintenance Policy was established on November 19th, 2019 and the Hotel will notify 7 days prior if any changes in the policy are made through the hotel homepage.

  • 1Announcement date: November 19th, 2019 / Enforcement date: November 19th, 2019


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