609 Cheongnyeon Mall

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There is one place you must visit in Gukje Market: a global cultural space called 609 Cheongnyeon Mall run by young up- and-coming merchants. As the name of the place suggests, it is located on the second floor of Building B in Zone 6. 609 Cheongnyeon Mall, with a hint of the old days of Gukje Market, is filled with diverse shops run by young merchants full of energy and artistic sensibility. It is surely an unusual place anyone, regardless of age, can enjoy.



Metro Line 1 at Jagalchi Station (Exit 7) ▶ Walk 400 meters toward Gukje Market ▶ Gukje Market 609 B

Division of Economic Promotion, Jung-gu: (051) 600-451

Source : Busan Tourism Organization


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