Sanbokdoro Choryang Ibagu-gil

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This sanbok (mountain slope) road opened in 1964. Designed in the course of urban planning, it has emerged as a new attraction for a panoramic night view of Busan. Among all the sanbok roads in Busan, it has the best perspective of the heart of Busan.

Here`s a Tip!

168 Stairs and Monorail: 168 Stairs refers to a steep staircase as tall as a 6-story building, which is one of the best-known features along the mountainside road. With a total of 168 steps, it was said that it originally had 3 wells right under the stairs. Currently, there is one remaining well, reminiscent of the old days when there was a lack of water and people had to line up to get some. In May 2016, a 60-meter-long monorail was built right next to the 168 Stairs.

Metro Line 1 at Busan Station (Exit7) ▶ Walk 15 minutes (about 860 meters)

Source : Busan Tourism Organization / Korea Tourism Organization


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