Bosu-dong Bookstore Alley

froh526 2019-08-28 11:53:54 9373

‘Books should last forever’ and the Bosu-dong Bookstore Alley boasts a 50-year history and is home to more than 50 bookstores lined with tens of thousands of books. Anyone can buy books at an affordable price or choose to sell their own books if they wish. Why don’t you take a break while looking around the small Mural Street located above the alley? The murals show the unique characters of bookstore alley as if from the pages of a fairy tale.

Metro Line 1 at Jagalchi Station (Exit 3, 5,and 7) ▶ Walk straight toward Nampo-dong and Kukje Market (about 12 minutes required on foot to Bosu-dong Bookstore Alley)  


Total 99,999,999원