Huinnyeoul Culture Village

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The neighborhood was born when Korean War refugees flocked to this area and provides an unhindered view of both the Busanhang and Namhang Ports. A major backdrop of the acclaimed Korean movie, The Attorney, the neighborhood was also featured in yet another Korean hit, Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time. The small houses that stand shoulder to shoulder form the signature look of Busan, which is often remembered as a city of the sea and hilly neighborhoods. The village continues to attract an increasing number of visitors with its new cafes, workshops, and guesthouses.

Metro Line 1 at Nampo Station (Exit 6) ▶ Transfer to bus # 6 or 508 (Night Bus) at Yeongdodaegyo Bridge ▶ Get off at Busan Healthcare High School ▶ Walk 740 meters towards Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Source : Busan Tourism Organization


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