Yeongdodaeqyo Bridge

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This is the first suspension bridge in Busan, whose function as a bascule bridge has finally resumed after 47 years. In the past, people gathered here to engrave their names on the bridge rails and receive news of their families during the Korean War. The Yeongdodaegyo Bridge often appears in songs about missing and loving those closest to us. Why not listen to some moving music here?

Here`s a Tip!

This bridge is raised once everyday at noon (14:00 to 14:15). Many tourists take pictures with the raised bridge in the background. There it may be better to go to the bridge earlier if you want to find better photo opportunities and, for that matter, to the famous Eomuk bakery as well, another symbol of Busan.

Metro Line 1 at Nampo Station (Exit8) ▶ Walk straight 200 meters

Source : Busan Tourism Organization


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